Who are we ?


Welcome to Greenoyard – Your Yard of healthy, fresh and premium quality fruits and vegetables. Our wide range of 200+products are locally sourced from farmers and suppliers across India to deliver nutritious and quality fruits, dairy products and vegetables straight to your kitchen

What Do We Do ?

We blend new age technology and the traditional buying approach, thus enabling our customers to order premium quality products at the convenience of their homes. Our model manages the entire value chain from farm to end user thus offering a fair price model to farmers, customers and retailers by eliminating middlemen. We work on a 4P Model-Produce, Procure, Price and Package


Our products include a wide variety of fresh fruits & vegetables grown across our network of 500+ farmers


Our team handpicks straight from farmers, ensuring the products picked are at the height of its freshness and utmost quality


We offer the best quality at the most affordable rates to make sure nutrition and goodness is not heavy on your pocket


All our products are packaged and delivered right at your doorstep within guaranteed delivery timelines.

How It Works ?

Why Choose Us ?

Break Free from Mandi visits: Tired of endless visits to mandis and negotiations with sellers? Sit back and relax while we do this for you! Greenoyard offers you the convenience to order essentials from your home and saves you the effort, time and cost of visiting vegetable shops and mandi’s

Premium quality products: We do not stock and sell- All our products are freshly procured depending upon the customer’s order and date of delivery. Our team of experts handpicks products to ensure utmost quality

Option of Contact Less Delivery: Our delivery executives will place the products at your doorstep to avoid any physical interaction thus assuring you maximum safety

Hassle Free Delivery: We deliver products right at your doorstep where delivery window is mentioned on all the items to ensure guaranteed delivery timelines

Replacement of order items: We make sure to deliver best quality products at all times but in case of an exception,we offer immediate and timely replacement

Safe Delivery: Our delivery agents undergo regular health checks and keep a check on safety protocols while delivery. All our fulfillment centres are regularly sanitized to ensure hygenic and safe storage of products

Hygienic packing: We use fine environment friendly-mesh fabric bags to pack all the items delivered to you.


We aim to be a pioneered supplier of high quality fresh fruits and vegetables; products of premium quality with guaranteed food and environmental safety. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the middlemen between the farmers and end consumers to ensure a fair crop price to the farmers and affordable rates to the consumers.

We are committed to embracing and employing total quality in every aspect of our business – our operations, employees, processes and most importantly-OUR CUSTOMERS